When it comes right down to it I never understood Hillary's "failings" or why she disgusted so many people. And I will certainly never understand why anybody thought Trump was a better choice.
**no need to read further, I'm just ranting**

There is not a single incident which has occurred over the last four years that wouldn't have been better handled under her administration.

Thousands of lives would have been saved over the last two months with any able administrator at the helm. Clinton has a decades long record fighting for better healthcare. Her people would have been on this Corona virus thing like stink on sh*t. And Republicans would have fought her every step of the way. But tens of thousands of lives might have been saved. Two Trillion Dollars was handed over to the Trump administration to do with as they pleased.

Without accountability.

The President's son in law informs us those medical stockpiles belong to the Trump Family, not the united states. And the Trump Family will sell them to whom they please for as much as they can get. And they will mostly buy them from their friends. They will even buy them from friends who don't have them to sell.

Millions have been made to suffer over the last three years, perhaps a few thousand have seen benefits relatable to his presidency. He intentionally overheated the economy for maximum possible profit.

He controls the stock market with his tweets.

And some here think he may go down in history as a pretty good president.

Are all of his cell phone calls private? Or will we one day have access to the tapes?
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