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Given the number of ongoing investigations and tests I fully expect better 'stuff' down the line. My fond hope is that more will be available when I get infected. I fully expect to be infected, unless they actually come up with a vaccine before infection. Either way I am in a pretty good place to be waiting. My entire county has had a whole 18 covid-19 infections so far and 16 of those have been cured. The real problem is testing. That's been the main problem since the start of this thing.

I have often wondered why Jackass Trump has fought testing with such vigor and sly. It really doesn't make much sense. It actually seems like he wants more people to die! While not true in Washington state it would also seem that the majority of cases, that die, are the elderly, the poor, and the colored. If that is true then, I guess, that means that the answer is that he is trying to just kill off the opposition. Its kinda like all the folks that are marching to do away with the efforts to contain and slow down Covid-19. One of the things they seem to love to do is to not wear any protection, except for being armed, and mass together in large groups. Jackass Trump, obviously, is supporting these efforts in a desperate bid to rebuild the economy before election. On the other hand I am sure that there are a lot of these so-called protestors are going to get the virus and some will die. I don't think he really wants to kill off his own supporters too?
Just another thing I just do not get!

There are constant reports of these protestors dying due to Covid-19 but this hasn't slowed them down even a little bit. It boggles........

Well, if the virus kills about 0.8% of all infected cases, maybe even fewer than that, Trump's calculation might be that fanning the flames of these protests in swing states with Democratic governors confers a big electoral advantage than the disadvantage of a few of his voters dying out.
Please take COVID-19 seriously; don't panic but don't deny it; practice social distancing (stay 6ft from people); wash your hands a lot, don't touch your face, don't gather with too many people, so that you help us contain it.