Every night, on TV, we are treated to videos of them that want all state control due to covid-19 to go away so that everybody can do their own thing with their friends. Something like 10% are wearing face masks the rest, not so much. About half of these folk are packing (pistols, war weapons, whatever).

From what I can see none of these people are particularly wealthy nor very bright. Most probably rent or own a large mortgage. the chances are very good that they have few savings and probably are not currently working. Most are mouthing one conspiracy theory or another. What I really don't get is their adulation of Jackass Trump. I REALLY DON'T GET IT! These people are, basically, sacrificing their lives for a man who has done, in the last 3 years, NOTHING for them! NOTHING!

These people actually believe that Jackass Trump is a great businessman. The facts tend to belie that one. His daddy gave him 450 million dollars - he went bankrupt. He, basically, went bankrupt 6 times. Each time he royally screwed over his investors and anybody who worked for him - EVERY TIME! Every business he has tried, other than stuff with his name on it, has gone broke. Fake school, shut down, it was a scam, steaks, whatever - all gone broke. Jackass Trump is, quite possibly, the worst American businessman on record!

I would appreciate somebody telling me how this can even be! These people have, for instance, made wearing a face mask a badge of cowardliness and also a sign of anti-freedom and anti-Americanism. This is, in other words, made not wearing a face mask a sign of support for Jackass Trump!

Again, these people, I think, really don't believe that Covid-19 is particularly dangerous. They bring their own children to these efforts to stop any attempt to control Covid-19, even to save lives, including their own!

It actually even gets better! When these folks gather to support their efforts to stop any efforts by gov to actually save their lives they also bring their own children! its now known that Covid-19 can attack children in deadly ways - makes no difference as science, in their minds, is out to steal their individual rights to, I guess, die.

I can go on and on about this but, basically, my problem is that its just hard to watch and understand what the hell is going on.

I know some of the gun rights crowd. Their blather remains and makes little sense. Their main claim to fame is that they have a God given right to own, and carry, any and all guns. They have now included any efforts to save them from a deadly disease as well. My own feeling is that this should be a reason to remove their guns as they are simply not thinking right.

The second amendment, that which is based the God given right to guns says; "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." What is not mentioned is God, and has to do with a Militia (citizen I guess). The first words "A well regulated Militia" kinda says it all yet the gun folk are against ANY regulation and they sure as hell do not belong to any publicly supported Militia I know of. (just thought I would throw that in).

Anyway, my hope is that these particular idiots do not represent the American voting public but are actually a rather small percentage of the whole. Still, they seem to have some support, especially from local law enforcement who would prefer to support the crazies rather than the law. This is worrysome. In about 6 months we vote. I have read at least 3 separate papers on what might happen should Trump lose. The first is that he just claims the election null and void and refuses to leave. The second is that he manages to somehow neither win, or lose, the election based on the results of the vote of the electoral college due to claims of whatever. The third would be his resisting to go because only he can save us from ourselves.

I think any of these are possible. Not probable - so far. I would remind us that it was a home grown effort that caused the Oklahoma City Bombing. Basically, it was caused by the same sort of people that are now carrying loaded war weapons on our streets as a right. I don't know about you but I am not real comfortable with any of this stuff.

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