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There's no way they could continue to serve.

There's no way the Supreme Court would protect Trump's tax returns either. Federal Law grants the House the right to carry out investigations and do not protect the president from them.
It appears the Supreme Court has just changed the law where it applies to Trump. Apparently NO laws apply to the current president.

If Donald Trump takes a notion to stay in office there are simply no laws that can stop him. There are no courts that can stop him.

Donald Trump, his family, his friends, and his business are fully above the law.

Yep, that's what the Bernie or Bust types unleashed on us (among other culprits). That's what happens when our courts get 280 judges and 2 justices (more to come) appointed by Trump. That's what the people who threw a tantrum and defected have created. I've been warning people about this since early 2016, and if you look at the string of lower and higher court decisions of late, you'll see the damage in full force.

But, you know, immature Millennials thought that it would be fun to throw a tantrum.
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