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Right. Blame everybody but the Democrats. Son, it's the Democrats that lost the election. And they wanna blame non-democrats for their loss?

Elections are about turnout. Trump excited Republicans and they came out and voted in all the right places.

Hillary did not excite the democratic base or much of anybody else and she lost the election. Don't be pointing your finger at me and my friends because your horse lost the race.

Your horse might very well lose the race again and again you can blame everybody else for your party's failings at the polls.

And I will laugh.

My horse lost the race because you guys backed the wrong horse (among some other reasons, sure, but this reason was sufficient in itself).

All together we would have defeated Trump. You guys decided to throw a tantrum, so, now, don't complain of Trump. You guys lost that right because you brought it upon yourselves (and upon us all).

I didn't get your part about Democrats. What non-democrats am I blaming? That I know, your horse ran as a Democrat (twice; not that he didn't whine all the time about the very Democratic rules he signed on, when he asked the party to allow him to run as a Democrat).
Please take COVID-19 seriously; don't panic but don't deny it; practice social distancing (stay 6ft from people); wash your hands a lot, don't touch your face, don't gather with too many people, so that you help us contain it.