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Feck Bernie. He's one of us but the movement doesn't depend on him.

I'm a Liz Bro. For the same reason I love Hilary. She's a social democrat at heart but has never had the word attached to her. The primaries showed us that we still don't have the numbers to win at the polls, but we have enough influence to affect policy. I kind of like playing a stealth game.

Joe and Liz are talking. I'm over the moon. That would be one of the stealthiest moves in gamingpolitics EVER!

A built in and popular progressive candidate for 2024.

What makes you think that Liz is popular? She couldn't even convince Democratic voters that she is good enough to win the nomination, let alone the rest of the country.

Her supporters tend to be an elitist minority.

My wife did vote for her in our state's primaries.

I don't understand this fascination for having Warren as Biden's VP. She does nothing to help Biden get to 270. Biden is going to win the Northeast regardless who his VP is. It's true that most independents view her as being aloof and elitist and they don't much care for her. As a reminders, most independents back in 2016 also viewed Hillary as being aloof and coming across as elitist which resulted in their voting for Trump.

In an era where party affiliation is fairly even, when independents make up approximately 40% of the electorate, their view on the candidates becomes much more important than in the past. But most folks never vote on the VP candidate in a normal election. With Biden being 78, I think much more scrutiny will be given to whoever old Joe chooses.

I think the first rule in selecting the VP is to select one that does you no harm. If they can help, so much the better. Palin hurt McCain, Ryan didn't hurt or help Romney, Biden helped Obama in 2008. Quayle hurt G.H.W. Bush especially in 1992. Now most don't help or hurt, but a competent choice can help swing a state or two your way or guarantee a state stays with you.

I think Warren would hurt Biden a bit more than she would help him. Especially among independents. Her age when most folks will be looking for someone younger to fill in in case something happened to Biden along with her being hard to get to like. My opinion anyway.

Independents don't delve deep into politics or really study their choices. They go on more of a like or dislike opinion of the candidates. They're not political junkies. I'd say taking an SWAG that at least 10% of independents will determine their vote based on the personality of the candidates. I'll just finish saying that Warren doesn't have the personality that attracts independents. After all, many independents view the presidential race as nothing more than a beauty contest.
It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.