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Ever wonder how much charisma has to do with winning the independent vote and the general election? I have. Obama had charisma, he was what I would call charming. He had the charisma all over McCain and Romney. Bill Clinton was another charismatic type. He also won twice against two very un-charismatic foes. Reagan was another, full of charisma and he won twice.

G.W. Bush didn't really have what I would classify as charisma. But he was more or less down homey, a down home guy. Gore was a statue and Kerry a stone. Jimmy Carter was more like G.W. a down home guy who won against a stoic Ford, but lost big time against Mr. Charisma, Reagan.

All the more charismatic types won the independent vote. Just something to think about, or not.

That is interesting.
I'm thinking of Bernie Sanders = zero charisma. Looked like an angry and crazy old man.

Tammy Duckworth and Stacey Adams have charisma.
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