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Now all we need is a really good, quick, antibody test available to EVERYBODY! If we can get that then we will be on the way to success. That is because everybody that has antibody against covid-19 are in theory, done with Covid-19 and can neither get infected again nor can they spread it to others. There have been speculations that there are a LOT of folks who have had it and moved on. Many, we are told, don't even know that they had it in the first place. This means there is an entire cadre of folks who can work, and be in public spaces, with no fear of covid-19.

The problem is with the antibody test and I expect that one to get fixed pretty soon (probably more wishful thinking) <sigh>

The "a lot of folks" part is unproven. Sweden deliberately tried to create herd immunity by not going into lockdown. They have only 7% of the population with antibodies, as of now.

The CDC has just revised the idea that the number of cases is ten times bigger than the name of confirmed cases. As of now, we have tested 14 million people in the US and only 1.6 million came back positive. The idea that the contagion is much more widespread than we think, is losing traction.
Please take COVID-19 seriously; don't panic but don't deny it; practice social distancing (stay 6ft from people); wash your hands a lot, don't touch your face, don't gather with too many people, so that you help us contain it.