Oops: Seems Tara Reade's story is coming apart at the seams.

Tara Reade Loses Her Attorney As New Reporting Dents Her Story

It is also worth noting that Reade’s strongest corroborating witness at the time it was reported appeared to be her former neighbor Lynda LaCasse, who seemed to offer independent, near-contemporaneous corroboration of the full assault claim on the record in her conversations with Business Insider. Unfortunately, that piece failed to include in its initial round-up one key detail that was published alongside the article in an interview transcript that was behind a paywall: LaCasse only remembered her conversation with Reade after she was reminded of it during a phone call with Reade.

Meanwhile, the reporting on Reade’s overall credibility has had results beyond the question of what may have happened between her and Biden. CNN’s reporters, for instance, found that Antioch University denied Reade’s claims that she had received a bachelor of arts degree from the school and that she had been a visiting professor there.
On Thursday, the New York Times further reported that public defenders in California were seeking to challenge convictions in which Reade had been an expert witness based on the possible falsification of her credentials.

Apparently, she's left a trail of acquaintances who felt they had been conned by her, or bilked out of money.