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That is interesting.
I'm thinking of Bernie Sanders = zero charisma. Looked like an angry and crazy old man.

Tammy Duckworth and Stacey Adams have charisma.

The one with zero charisma has millions of loyal and devoted followers and almost got himself nominated twice.

Angry crazy old man? Have you ever heard him speak?

Show me them other two looking more charismatic than this...

Thanks, but no, thanks. I have no intention of watching still another video clip featuring this angry, aloof, unlikable, non-charismatic two-trick pony (he used to be a one-trick pony, "Wall Street is evil" and now he is a two-trick one, adding "M4A - regardless of it being impossible to pass and to pay for") loser. Yes, I've had the displeasure of listening to this loser before. Thankfully, now he is totally irrelevant so I don't need to listen to this annoying loser any longer.

Millions of followers, maybe (which proves nothing; Trump also has millions of followers and I'd never vote for him, and McDonald's has millions of followers but I'd never eat there), but not enough to win a nomination in one party (at most 30% of one party, that is, 15% of America when you add the other half of the country).

Almost won twice? Not at all. He was soundly beaten twice. The first time he was beaten by a hugely disliked candidate, even though he was favored by the anti-vote from simply not being his opponent. Still, he lost by 3.7 million popular votes, to a candidate so bad that she managed to lose to Trump. What a loser, this Bernie Sanders! Couldn't even beat the worst candidate ever. The really charismatic one, Barack Obama, handily beat Hillary Clinton. Just about anybody running against Hillary Clinton in 2016 could have beaten her. Bernie Sanders? Couldn't even manage that.

The second time he got shellacked in a landslide, being cut to his actual size, no longer counting on the anti-vote given that this time his opponent isn't hugely disliked. At the end, the difference between him and his main opponent will be at least 5 million votes, likely more. As of now with still 21 contests to go, it sits already at 3.4 million, although the coronavirus has hindered the primaries.

If that's what you call almost winning, I don't know what else to tell you.

Almost winning is when you lose by 0.5%. Not when you lose by 12.1% like in 2016 (again, to the worst candidate ever), and likely at least 20% in 2020. That's more like losing in a rout.

If you feel that Bernie is charismatic, it's a matter of opinion. I don't think he is charismatic at all. Actually I can't stand him. And the millions who share my opinion are way more numerous than the millions who share yours. 85% of Americans don't care for Bernie Sanders (me included). 15% do.

That's not being popular, and that's not being charismatic.

The Bernie Sanders phenomenon was simply a cult of personality, with his followers idolizing him and not noticing his many shortcomings, just like Trump's cult of personality. The size of the phenomenon was artificially overblown in 2016, and was cut to size in 2020.

Bernie Sanders is the Trump of the Left: a vacuous populist with a cult. The difference is that while Trump is a winner, Bernie is a loser.

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