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If that's what you call almost winning, I don't know what else to tell you.

When you come in second it's almost winning.

Your misconceptions about Sanders are truly stunning. But at least you admit your mind is closed on the subject.

Yet you believe, for one reason or another that I should vote for Biden even though I despise the slimey old bastard and everything he stands for? Tammy Ducktape is not a future president. Neither is the Georgia girl. Neither has anything like the chops to run in the primary and win the nomination. Warren led for a while and scared the hell out Biden before she got hung up on M4A. But I imagine she's a little too shrill and intense for you. Best to keep the candidates fairly submissive right? You don't want to elect someone who might do something after all.

What is stunning and full of misconceptions are your assumptions about me.

Not liking that loser called Bernie Sanders is not equal to anything you are pegging on me.

Oh, and by the way, coming in second is for losers. Winners come in first. And no, it's not almost winning when you come in second, but very far behind. Again, it's called losing. Bernie Sanders is a loser, a fact you can't deny.

Someone who could do something: that's not Bernie. Ineffective senator. Created a dozen bills in 16 years in the House and 14 years in the Senate, two of them to rename two post office locations. Has a bunch of pie-in-the-sky ideas that will never see the light of day. Is considered to be a pariah in the Senate, someone nobody likes to work with. The cult of personality that propelled him to this overblown and exaggerated fake importance (again, he only appeals to 15% of Americans and that's another fact; he got 30% of the vote from the Democratic and Democrat-leaning Independents in the Dem primaries; there are no Republican-leaning Independents and Republicans - the other half of the country - who would ever vote for him, so, your great man is supported by 15% of Americans and opposed by 85% - such a loser) has been cut to its real size in 2020, and from now on, Bernie will just sink into more and more irrelevance, a place that fits his ineffective record pretty well.

Cute, the play on Tammy Duckworth's name; someone you should respect; are you adopting Trump's strategy now, of detrimental nicknames? Bravo. You're belittling a true hero, who is just a hundred times more charismatic than that old angry man you like so much. Also, Stacey Abrams is more successful in everything she has done (education - Yale Law grad vs. Sander's B.A. - entrepreneurial skills, effectively won the Georgia governorship but had her victory negated by GOP fraud) than Bernie Sanders could even dream of being (and she is much younger than he is; wanna bet that her political career will be ten times more significant than Bernie's when it's all said and done?).

You think that Bernie Sanders is more presidential material than Stacey Abrams? What exactly has he done? 12 bills, two of them to rename two Post Offices? A bunch of "yeeee free stuff for everybody!" misguided populist ideas? Someone who will be 79 by November, with a weak heart, who wouldn't disclose his health status? (Rumors are that he has a very low ejection fraction after his cardiac event, which indicates a very short remaining life span).

Did you know that he is ranked the 4th bottom senator in terms of passing bills into law? Yep, a doer, indeed... more like an ineffective dreamer.

I never understood why an aloof, loser, out-of-touch with reality, ineffective senator from Vermont got propelled into being the poster child for the progressive movement... unless progressives just want to fail. Well, guess what, that poster child is being rejected by 85% of Americans. Talk about betting on the wrong horse...

And this, without ever being seriously attacked in campaign ads. He was never seriously attacked in 2016 because Hillary didn't want to alienate his followers (which of course ended up happening anyway) and Trump was delighted with him damaging the one viable candidate, so Trump was actually propping him up. In 2020, his campaign collapsed by the 4th day of primary contests (in just one contest, SC, Biden erased Bernie's initial advantage in the first 3, and had already 65K+ total of popular votes over Bernie, then shellacked him on the 5th contest day, Super Tuesday) so there was no real need to attack him.

I suspect that in a campaign that generated a barrage of attack ads poking at Bernie Sander's many vulnerabilities, his popularity would drop even lower than 15%.

The Bernie Sanders movement is a failed movement, that by the way, contributed to us having the disastrous current occupant of the Oval Office. And if all the whining Bernie or Bust types defect again, we will have another 4 years of Trump.

Am I angry at Bernie Sanders and his blind cult followers? You bet. I despise people who are short-sighted enough to shoot themselves in the foot, not realizing the threat that Trump represents to their progressive ideals.

You said it right: Trump has the Supreme Court in his pocket. Thanks to the Bernie or Bust crowd. Not to forget 250 other federal judges appointed by Trump; and remember, those are lifetime appointments. That's what the Bernie or Bust crowd brought upon themselves. For an entire generation, no progressive initiative will fail to be curtailed by the courts.

Again, you are entirely wrong in your assumptions about me. Yes, I want someone who can actually do something. That's exactly why I'm against the ineffective loser called Bernie Sanders.

And no, I don't love Biden, but he's what we got if we want to defeat the much worse Trump. That's why I'm paying attention to who Biden picks as veep.

And I don't dislike Warren. I was just highlighting the fact that she is not popular. She is seen by many as Hillary Clinton 2.0. I think if she is picked as veep, she will hurt the ticket more than help it. If Biden does it, it's a political mistake. Well, Biden is prone to making political mistakes, so maybe he will do it, opening the flank of the ticket to Trump's Pocahontas attacks, and alienating the independents (and not particularly seducing Bernie fans either, since Bernie and Warren got pretty acrimonious against each other, this election cycle - Bernie can't stop alienating even his closest friends).

Warren is an academic. I'm not sure how effective she would be in government. I see Tammy and Stacey as having less experience but more promise. Experience is over-rated anyway. Obama had very little experience with federal office, and Trump had none. They got elected anyway.

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