Years ago there was a debate over the United States should have a maximum wage. If you google "maximum Wage" you will find a lot of stuff. Here is a wikipedia on it:

You might also google:
would a maximum wage work in the united states?

A maximum wage is, basically, how much one can earn every year. There are suggested maximum wages from around 1.2 million to 10 million dollars.

I would like to see a maximum wage for any number of reasons but, in this instance, I will just say I am for one and it makes sense to me. How about this. If you make over 10 million annually, after taxes, you will be forced to donate any excess earnings to charitable causes. If you choose not to donate said overage gov would step in and tax your income at 100% for all income, after taxes, of 10 million dollars.

Just thought I would throw this one out there.

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