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Future History book entry on Bernie Sanders

If that book was written by Rush Limbaugh, maybe.
Really, that's a lotta hyperbole.
And the thing you seem to be leaving out in your rather bitter sendup is the fact, the indisputable fact, that Sanders was perhaps the only really REALLY honest candidate to come down the pike in decades.

Sorry GNT but I count his mistakes mostly as branding, packaging, presentation and an inability to make a somewhat bigger tent.
Of course, that latter was due to his self-inflicted branding problems.

But deep down, like him or despise him, Sanders is pretty much real, sincere, and honest.
And that counts for a lot.

Yeah, he is honest. Have I said otherwise? The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

I see him as honest but hopelessly naive and misguided, and I think he did enormous harm to America, by damaging the only viable candidate that could have stopped Trump. I won't ever forgive him for it.
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