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"your emotional and irrational"...

I agree, you're emotional and irrational. I'm okay with that. I expect it from Democrats. But once you take a hard right turn like that, I just lump you with the republicans. It's not an attack on you, it's it's an ideological divide that can't be breached.

Great, the personal attacks continue. Do notice that I've NEVER issued one.

And by the way, I'm not a Democrat. I'm an Independent, and I actually voted for Sanders in my state's primaries, believe it or not, although I profoundly dislike him (at the time I thought he was best positioned to beat Trump so I pinched my nose and voted for him; later I saw that my evaluation at the time was a mistake).

It's not an attack on you

Yeah, right, it's not an attack on me when you say that I'm irrational and emotional... right.

Tell that to all the women who show a little pizzazz and assertiveness and are called emotional and irrational... it's one of the oldest forms of personal attacks. Who do you think you are fooling???

And me, lumped with Republicans??? You clearly don't know me.

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