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I see him as honest but hopelessly naive and misguided, and I think he did enormous harm to America, by damaging the only viable candidate that could have stopped Trump. I won't ever forgive him for it.

Now I see why you're so pissed at Sanders.
I honestly think Hillz is the reason we got Trump.
She may be an excellent policy wonk but as candidates go, she was horrible, and not just in 2016, she was horrible the first time she tried in 2008.

She's just a terrible candidate, unlikable...even though I even think she could have done a decent job. But people have to like candidates to vote for them, and a lot of people simply refused to vote, or vote for her.

A pocket of Bros refused, too...but a majority of Bernie people did vote for her under protest...just not enough of them.

I don't blame Sanders for us getting Trump.
I blame Democrats for not voting, or for not voting because they thought we had it in the bag, or not voting because they didn't like Hillz (I even voted for her despite not liking her much) or for voting for Trump out of spite.

I don't dispute that Hillary was the main reason for Trump. I voted for Obama against her in the 2008 primaries, and never particularly liked her.

But I've explained this over and over elsewhere: given the razor-thin margin of Trump's victory, ANY one of the multiple factors that miraculously aligned for him in 2016 would have resulted in his loss and Hillary's victory.

Hillary's incompetence as a campaigner... her multiple unforced errors (I could go on and on about those and list them; not worth doing it now), Comey's letter, Hillary's idiotic campaign manager, Vladimir Putin, sexism, xenophobia, white supremacists, blue collar worker disillusionment, the DNC, and so on and so forth.

But given that any ONE factor would have defeated Trump, yes, Bernie's campaign and Bernie or Bust idiots ALSO played an essential role, sine qua non.

My analogy is the one with people indicted for conspiracy to commit murder, all of them doing it for the same common goal.

One buys the gun. The second one buys the ammunition. The third one contacts and hires the hit man. The fourth one pays the hit man. The fifth one takes the gun and the ammunition to the hit man. The sixth one woos the victim into a back alley. Then the seventh one, the hit man, pulls the trigger and kills the victim.

All seven are guilty. Sure, the hit man who pulled the trigger is guiltier (that's Hillary Clinton in this analogy, the one must responsible for her own loss).


Every single one of them, the murder wouldn't have happened without their part of the action.

So, Bernie or Bust types were just as responsible for Trump's win as any of the other multiple factors except for Hillary's incompetence.

Hillary is the guiltiest one. All the others are also guilty. So, yes, Bernie or Bust types did put Trump in office, and I can't forgive them for it (just lie I can't forgive Comey, Vladimir Putin, Hillary herself, etc).

ALL of them are guilty of the president we have today.

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