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Just got back... guess I touched a nerve.

Iím not that sensitive, so I donít have any comment about any personal attack. But calling Sanders a loser over and over because he didnít sponsor any major legislation didnít look rational to me. Itís just my opinion, and I linked an article to support my view.

It wasnít a personal attack, it was an observation. After reading my link, do you still hold the opinion that Sanders is an empty footnote in history?

OK, so now I'm over-sensitive too, not just emotional and irrational. Gee, thanks. I guess it comes with the territory, right? You know, emotional, sensitive, irrational people... What's next, hysterical?

I've already replied to your observation on amendments. Post #326037 above. I was fully aware that he has sponsored amendments; just not impressed by that.

And I didn't say Sanders is a loser because he didn't sponsor major legislation. I said he is ineffective for this reason. Yes, I did call him a loser, but that's because of another reason: he lost. Twice. And one of them, to one of the worst candidates in History.

No, I don't hold the opinion that Sanders is an empty footnote in history. Like I said, he does have a claim to fame: having helped the election of Donald J. Trump.

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