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If this isn't a personal attack, I don't know what else is.

Son, if you thought that was a personal attack you have no idea of what I am capable of delivering. But the Admin has spoken and I'm going to delete that comment.

I had hoped we could be friends but I'm happy the other way too.

If you say so, sure, I'll believe you that you have the ability to deliver more damaging personal attacks; but that one was one, no doubt. Can't be any clearer.

Why are you under the impression that I'm making any friendship difficult? I'm not the one making personal attacks. So let me get this straight. We disagree on the matter of Bernie Sanders. You then attack me (although I did not attack you). Therefore, you say I can't be your friend; you'll be happy the other way - that is, enemy? What do you want, a sounding board? If someone doesn't agree with you, the person is to be attacked, and is to become your enemy? Bravo.

By the way I'm not your son. At my advanced age, my parents are long deceased. Please don't "son" me. It's condescending.

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