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Just got back... guess I touched a nerve.

Iím not that sensitive, so I donít have any comment about any personal attack. But calling Sanders a loser over and over because he didnít sponsor any major legislation didnít look rational to me. Itís just my opinion, and I linked an article to support my view.

It wasnít a personal attack, it was an observation. After reading my link, do you still hold the opinion that Sanders is an empty footnote in history?

Now that's interesting. Footnote in history. Possible. Is Goldwater a footnote in history? He was the one who started the conservative movement by being blown out in the 1964 presidential election. His movement didn't take hold until 1980 with the election of Reagan. But his movement, I'll call it traditional conservatism has morphed into something completely different, a different type/s of conservatism Goldwater wouldn't recognize. Once known as the father of Conservatism, most modern day conservatives call him a libertarian because his brand wasn't neo or religious conservatism. Barry wanted to get those religious nuts out of the Republican Party.

Sanders, footnote, perhaps? That depends on how his ideas catch on with the American public, all of the public and not just a faction within the Democratic Party. He could be looked back on as the father of a new progressive movement. Or relegated to just a footnote when talking about Democratic Primaries. The one who lost to Hillary and then lost to Biden. Some primary losers are remembered and become more than just a footnote. Reagan challenged Ford in 1976, he lost to Ford and Ford lost to Carter. Many historians put the blame for Ford's loss on Reagan's challenge. But Ronnie won the presidency in 1980, so that's what he is remembered for.

Teddy Kennedy is also well documented in 1980 for challenging Carter. Again, historians always list Teddy's challenge of Jimmy as one of the reason Jimmy lost in 1980. But Ted Kennedy's fame is being JFK's and RFK's brother. Much more than his challenge to Carter.

Sanders, a footnote to history is possible, maybe even probable. It all depends whether a young fresh faced progressive picks up his ideas and runs with them and wins. Time will tell.

The father of a new progressive movement? I pity the "new progressive movement" if its father is the ineffective loser known as Bernie Sanders. I guess he is better than AOC (not so hard to be better than that one). If she's the heir, God help us.
Hey now, I happen to love AOC. She raw, but she's sharp, and really represents her generation, in my humble opinion. I'm judging that on my sons' views, which are seriously left of mine, and I'm a radical, yanno.
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