Wealthiest, most powerful, nation on a globe with a standard of living unmatched in human history and an imperfect but generally steady and increasing protection of individual liberties?

Fair enough. I'll take that hit. laugh

Have you asked George Floyd about the protection of his individual liberties?

If he was alive to answer he might disagree. But if you ask the wealthy and powerful you find them all on your side. They are none of my concern. They'll get along fine. The boog bois are cowards. Did you see the one shooting arrows into the crowd? They won't go toe to toe with anyone because they are pussies. But they want the same things you do. And the one breaking windows with a hammer? He ran away.

Did you see the cops pushing down the old white man? They're Boog Boi cosplayers too. Respect Ma Authoratah! A cosplay that comes with a license to kill.

These are your people CP.

I see everything through a Marxist lens, y'know? You are on the side of the king or you are not.

It's not a bad thing to be a bougie and I'm fairly certain it's genetic.

Societies always draw themselves up into two factions. White people vs POCs, Republicans vs Democrats, Christians vs All Other Faiths. Tories vs Labour, Bougies vs Proles.

The Haves, and the Have nots. The right and the left.

You, CP, sit at the right hand of the king, and I sit on the left.

I'm convinced that the Big Bang was the culmination of the eternal class struggle in another Universe and our concept of The Tetragrammaton, is the leader of one of the factions whose spirit got sucked through into this universe as his own was being destroyed. An Elder God in the Lovecraftian sense.

What were we talking about anyway...
Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...