For the last week its all been about marching, BLM, and the police. The Marcher solution to bad cops is to do away with the police. A REALLY bad idea! There is a solution and its pretty simple. Take away the police immunity to everything that they do. Its generally agreed that its really tough to prosecute and convict a policeman as they seem to have the support of just about everybody but them that they screw over. The number of screwed, however, seems to grow. Up to now its been blacks but, after showing them dropping 75 year old white guys and whipping other whites with heavy 'batons', etc. I suspect that their transgressions have probably passed the line of immunity into the offensive.

Its time, its time to deal with police unions which seem, in many cases, to be in charge of the police. They just don't defend them, they set the rules for them and those rules seem to indicate a predilection to physically going after blacks up to the point of killing them. They also kill white folks as well. They do all this killing with impunity and THAT too is offensive.

The ONLY way to fix it is to make the police responsible for their actions. Departments have spent a lot of money for personal police cameras and then they either don't turn them on or turn them off on a regular basis. Make a law, police wear cameras and, when on the clock, They turn them on and leave them on until they end their shift. It would also make sense to transmit the videos whenever the wearer has wifi available to do that so nothing gets 'lost'. Once the police are told their limits, and those limits are enforced they are not going to change a damned thing. In addition to that any police fired for going over the line, or convicted of a crime, are put into a national data base so he/she is never hired by another police department. If one is then fire the chief! If police lie about anything that happened whilst working - fire him. They MUST be made to understand that there are results for bad behavior.

This will not go down well. Sorry about that. Their behavior is simply not agreeable. Choke holds should be banned nationwide. The possibly interesting thing is that choke holds don't necessarily kill if done right. Obviously they are not being done right so just stop the use and save lives.

Anway, if things are to change the police must understand that they pay a price for behaving badly. This means they get convicted for killing unarmed, man handling when not appropriate, etc. Seems pretty simple, and <sigh> unlikely but I thought I would weigh in.