"Defund the Police" or, how to lose an election.

Apparently this doesn't mean to take all the money away from police departments but taking some money away so that some of what they do gets split off and given to experts in the field. A good example of that is making police departments deal with everybody with mental illness. The current solution is to take a person, who has mental illness, convict them of a crime, send them to prison which then puts them in solitary for the rest of their lives. I am, incidentally, for these kinds of actions.

Anyway the very phrase "Defund the Police" can easily lose the Dems the next election. Trump has already seen the possibilities of this one and probably will setup his entire campaign around "Defund the Police" as he is already getting traction with it. If you Google: https://www.marketplace.org/2020/06/08/what-it-means-to-defund-police/ you will see what I am talking about.

We have already seen what "Socialist" did for Bernie (lost him the election). Now those on the left have cleverly thought of a brand new clever phrase which can seriously wreck them. I read one guy who is also worried and he said that if Democrats want to use the phrase then they had better make sure to explain it in the same breath.

Like the man says; The Democrats have the capacity to REALLY screw it up!

Oh, I know. I am not trying to start another argument not unlike those we have had over "Socialist". Hopefully some have learned their lesson but I suspect, not.

There are a lot of postings on "Defund the Police". Here is one.

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