On Saturday, writing for the conservative blog Red State, Black commentator Kira Davis laid into right-wing activist Candace Owens.

“I have tried to forge my own path in this business and respect the voices of other black commentators even when they diverge from my own opinions,” wrote Davis. “Sadly, I’ve not been allowed to follow this path. The public and what my colleague Jeff Charles calls ‘Conservative, Inc.’ have made it nearly impossible for me to ignore certain pundits who make my job harder every day. I can no longer stay silent, even in the face of the slings and arrows I know I’ll get for expressing myself here. Candace Owens is a problem.”

- Red State.com

CPWILL will probably be chiming in that Black commentator Kira Davis laying-into right-wing black activist Candace Owens is racist any minute now...because he "understands" what the term 'racist' means so well. smile
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