This morning I watched as what looked like thousands were lining up (actually all bunched up on the street without masks (for the most part)) to get into the Trump rally. That, apparently, doesn't happen until tonight but they were also saying that they were probably going to open up the doors this morning, or early afternoon. I also watched a Trumpite, with no facemask, say he believed that there was a Covid-19 because he had a friend die of it (and, I think his friend's son too). That being said he doubted he would get it and was eager to get to the rally. I think this was just a warm up to REALLY getting infected later on.

Something is REALLY wrong here! What we are witnessing is thousands of otherwise growed up people determined to prove that they are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to prove to their Lord and Master that they are ready to sacrifice themselves and we are going to all get to watch this one. Its getting a bit scary I think.