This feeling is growing as both parties move further left and right leaving the average American without a political party to call home.

I really haven't seen a lot of leftward movement in the Democratic Party.....We've got Bernie and AOC but neither of them represents the DNC or has any influence to speak of within the halls of congress.

My own feeling is that independents are not a vast centrist wellspring of voters disgruntled by the socialist vs fascist goings on within the parties but instead a growing number who are disgusted with the failure of government to accomplish anything over the last few decades.

neither major party isn't one bit interested into moving toward the views and wants of 61% of Americans, only in their own ideology and political views and agenda.

I love it when you type in a southern accent.

That's entirely wrong as you explained earlier. It's not about the ideology it's about the money. Industry controls government

Wealth controls government. Corporations control government.

Voters get a single vote every two years. Corporations vote every day with their millions of dollars in lobbying funds. They get to meet face to face with our representatives to plead their case and put a thick envelope into their hand. Voters can't compete and have largely given up.

Partisans once believed that the Republican Party was the business party and the Democratic party was the workers party.

That's not the case anymore, both parties are far more concerned with the state of industry than their representation of the people.
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