I find it pretty interesting that it would seem that the Trump inspired governors are the ones working as hard as they can to explain that there is really nothing wrong. The governor of Texas, for instance, pretty close to when he was elected, decided that he was going to war with the United States army and was using his Nation Guard for that. He said this was reasonable because the United States army had invaded Texas (they were actually on an annual exercise in Texas). I know, this has nothing to do with Covid-19 but tends to make me not surprised that his claims that everything is dandy now has the biggest, and best, hospital system in the United States under water and choosing who lives and dies due to lack of resources.

The Governor of Florida is also pretty stellar. I watched him, this morning, say that his state was absolutely safe and delighted to have the Republican convention there.

I could go down the line of Republican governors and their responses to Covid-19 There are some exceptions but not many. They are sticking to their dear leader no matter what for the most part and they, apparently, are (also for the most part) continue to be supported by them that voted for them.

This is amazing but also really scary. What in the HELL are these people thinking? I keep thinking that the true believers will figure it all out but that is simply not happening. I am talking about people who are usually normal people going down the road of life but now they are continuing to support people who are, literally, getting them killed! have a rally that will infect them? No problem! I know, the last Trump rally only brought out 6/7 thousand instead of the million bragged on but, still, thousands are a lot of people!

In Alabama we have college kids actually trying to get Covid-19! The evidence, so far, is that if you are young, and get it, you also get to live with the consequences until you die and that may actually be sooner than later. These are college kids and, supposedly, not stupid.

I can go on and on about this. The problem is that these kinds of attitudes are keeping our entire nation screwed up, is killing the economy, and, given a couple of months and our Republican senate there are going to be huge increases in homeless, poor, and sick. Unemployment is also on its way back up. Most of us here realize this (I think). My problem is that a LOT of people just do not get it and that scares the hell out of me and there is really little I can do about it but hope.

American are no longer welcome in foreign countries because they just don't want idiots from the United States re-infecting them so we can't even escape our own madness by getting the hell out. If this stuff even ends I suspect that Americans will be considered idiots for the foreseeable future. We used to have nations that were friends and allies, I suspect that's done too. We are, as they say, in deep, deep, s*** and its not gonna get better real fast.

In America its not much better. From what I can see it seems that the northern states, for the most part, consider them in the southern states idiots so that means we have idiots considering other idiots, idiots. Its getting complicated and dangerous!

Then there is our own government. Our own federal government is run by somebody who has publicly announced he is not responsible for anything. I have watched several southern governors announce they aren't responsible for anything either. We have a congressional senate which have forgotten how to really legislate except every now and then and their leader, Do Nothing Mitch is proud of it and calls himself the grim reaper for stopping all legislation.

I can go on and on and on but we all know this stuff. For the most part we are doing a great job of ignoring it as its out of our hands and that is true but I thought I would mention it - just for he heck of it.

I wish us all good luck!

We have, in theory, 4/5 more months and then, MAYBE, things will get changed. Even that is not a sure thing. Remember, Trump who has already announced that he is not only going to win the next election but get a third, and maybe fourth, term as well. He has no plans to go anyplace and he has the backing of the White Nationalists, et. al. as well as others. I, for one, expect serious problems even if he loses the election and I am not alone on that one. Remember, Hitler took over with just 30% of his electorate and Trump has 40%.

Just saying..........