I am blaming the victims! As a matter of fact I also believe that they are well aware that they are victims and seem to be comfortable with it.

The only explanation that makes any sense. Either that or we are all insane!

I thought I would add a little story to explain. Across the street from me is a large construction job going on. I overlook that. On that side of the street the sidewalk is blocked off and they also park cars, trucks, etc. on that side of the street. So, when people are walking down the street, on the sidewalk, they hit a fence which blocks off the sidewalk. This means that one side of the street has a sidewalk and the other does not. To get to the sidewalk you have to just cross the street. I was just looking down at the street and noticed a man not only walking on the street with no sidewalk but in the middle of that street. The street is a busy one with lots of cars going down the street where the guy is walking. Instead of just crossing the street he yelled at the cars legally going down the street which he was forcing into oncoming traffic on the other side. I have seen whole families doing this, single mothers with kids, kids, and all the rest walking in the middle of a busy street rather than crossing to the side with the sidewalk. When I say something to my wife she tells me I should shut up about it as its not my problem. Today to told her that they are all idiots and they will probably vote for Trump and THEN she will care.

I can go on and on about idiots that I have watched, over the years, a lot of people do incredibly stupid things. So, when I blame whatever on the American voting public I think I have a case. I think, perhaps, that you think that victims are helpless and taken advantage of. I am sure there are some that are. I am equally sure that there are a pile of idiots out there without a clue and, as far as I am concerned mentally unhinged.

Just saying...........

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