Hilarious news: There is a lot of controversy about mail ballots in Iowa. It turns out the Board of Elections in Blue counties is going to send every registered voter a mail ballot. In Red counties, the local Board of Elections will not. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Of course the same problem exists everywhere: Elderly people generally have voted for Trump, and are going to be afraid to go to polls and stand in line. In fact, they may not even be able to stand in line for hours. So they either go to polls but have to give up and go home (or to the ER), or they never even try to vote. So I suspect Trump's anti-mail ballot campaign is going to backfire bigtime.

Likewise the "closing polls" voter suppression strategy: Send everyone to a few polls to wait in line and only the young and healthy will vote. As usual, Trump's fear of something (People of Color voting) leads him to a "solution" that works against him. He may be evil, but at least he is an idiot!