The Supreme Court rulings are huge wins for the Rule of Law, and the fact that "Trump's Judges" joined the majority and ruled against his crazy legal theory of total immunity is very important: It really means that Trump does not have any Justices on the Supreme Court who feel obligated to serve him over the Law and the Constitution. He may have a conservative majority on the court, but when he just makes up ridiculous crap, he's going to lose.

Specifically, they said that the New York State prosecutor can subpoena anything needed for his criminal case with regard to money laundering charges in the payoff to Stormy Daniels. Trump cannot use a presidential pardon, executive privilege, or Presidential immunity to evade state subpoenas or even state charges. I expect state prosecutors to act quickly. They also said that Congress has the right to subpoena within reasonable limits. (They have actually already met those requirements.) So access to his taxes and accounting data should move quickly through the lower courts.