I get a mass of emails from the Democratic party as well as any number of Democratic candidates. They all want one single thing - my money. Its relentless.

Now, I live in Washington state so we really don't get too many political ads. There are some from Trump (they are, for the most part very good) and also we get ads from the Lincoln Project (a group of disgusted ex-Republicans). Their ads are much better than the Trump ads. The news itself reports with regularity how good various of Democratic candidates are scoring bigtime with donations.

Anyway, my question is pretty simple. What is the Democratic party doing? They are not posting any Biden Ads as far as I can tell, perhaps that will happen after they have a convention? I have no idea. As far as I can tell they are either not putting up ads or are skipping Washington because its a known quantity. If that is what is happening then what we might have is another Democratic party ignoring a state that always tends towards Democrats. They also did that one for Hillary and we all know how that worked out.

Here is a list of donors from opensecrets.org:

As an aside, does anybody know if Bloombergs operation has been taken over by the Dems? Does Bloomberg still have it? Hmmm?

Anyway, my question remains. What are the Democrats doing? As far as I can tell the candidates are, pretty much, on their own. What are they doing?

Oh, I, incidentally, choose to support the Lincoln project as there is evidence they ARE doing something!