ANYTHING that denigrates Trump helps the Democrats. Anybody who doesn't believe that have a serious problem.

Joe is making a lot of promises. I would have preferred that he talk a bit about what he is going to do to fix our government. He is, for instance, going to have to roll back hundreds of presidential fiats by Trump. Hell, there are actually over a hundred for the environment alone! Hopefully he will not to the fiat way and legislate them all instead. The house has, literally, hundreds of pieces of legislation sitting in the Senate right now. I don't know if that legislation remains after the election in November but, if they don't I would expect the house to re-pass them as soon as they reassemble after the election.

In other words there is a LOT that is going to need doing right off the bat. They should also setup a job corps and go after our infrastructure which has continued to rot through the Obama administration and the Trump administration (Obama wanted to but the Republicans stopped him and Trump said he would but I am not even sure he understands the term 'infrastructure')

I have seen some of the Biden ads. I am happy they are putting them up but they are not, exactly, inspiring. On the other hand Trump is so busy screwing everything up, lying, etc. that I am not sure that Biden really needs to do all that much.

Oh, does anybody know if there is going to be a presidential debate or not? I would be amazed if Trump would do that as Biden would call him, hopefully, on every lie. It would not be good for Trump.