If you're a Trump or a Clinton supporter, it natural that you can't see someone else disliking them. Whether one will admit it or not, Hillary came across to a lot of voters as being aloof, an elitist, haughty, a knew it all, that she knew what was better for the people than the people themselves knew what was good for themselves. That she deserved to win because she was Hillary.

Then Hillary compounded those attributes by being lazy, letting Trump both outwork and out campaign her big time. She came up with the most inept campaign strategy this side of G.H.W. Bush's 1992 campaign, even maybe surpassing the ineptness of G.H.W. She hid from the media, going over 200 days without a press conference, only going on shows like the view which supported her 100%. Trump was out front in the media every day. It was like Hillary thought she had the election in the bag and didn't have to work at it. She lost that fire in the belly.

Hillary caused her own defeat, had she gave it a half hearted try, she'd would have been president. The fact that both major parties chose candidates that were the most disliked and unwanted in our history wasn't their fault. It was our two major parties fault. It wasn't the Democrats didn't have advanced warning about Hillary. In a February 2016 56% of all Americans said they wanted the Democrats to nominate someone else other than Hillary Clinton. Of course all Americans don't choose the Democratic nominee, Democrats do. But lost on the Democrats in 2016 was the fact all Americans do choose who will be president in November.

Here's the list of all major party candidates favorable/unfavorable's going back to Eisenhower when Gallup and Pew Research started keeping track of these things. Look at who is at the bottom, what were the odds the the two most disliked and unwanted candidates would face each other in the same election? That has to be way up there.

Highest to lowest favorable/unfavorable ratings of each major party presidential candidate.
1956 Eisenhower 84/12%
1964 LBJ 81/13%
1976 Carter 81/16%
1960 JFK 80/14%
1960 Nixon 79/16%
1968 Nixon 79/22%
1976 Ford 79/20%
1972 Nixon 76/21%
1968 Humphrey 72/28%
1984 Reagan 70/30%
1980 Carter 68/32%
1984 Mondale 66/34%
1980 Reagan 64/31%
1992 Bill Clinton 64/33%
2008 Obama 62/35%
2012 Obama 62/37%
1956 Stevenson 61/31%
2004 G.W. Bush 61/39%
2008 McCain 60/35%
1992 G.H.W. Bush 59/40%
2000 G.W. Bush 58/38%
2004 Kerry 57/40%
1996 Bill Clinton 56/42%
1988 G.H.W. Bush 56/39%
2000 Gore 55/45%
2012 Romney 55/43%
1972 McGovern 55/41%
1996 Dole 54/45%
1988 Dukakis 50/45%
1964 Goldwater 43/47%
2016 Hillary Clinton 38/56%
2016 Donald Trump 36/60%
It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.