Not answering for any particular person, just supplying the list of “faults” Clinton is perceived to embody:

1) (And most important) She’s a woman
2) She’s educated, well-read, and knowledgeable
3) She’s experienced
4) She is married to Bill
5) She’s “shrill” (i.e. she opines in public while female, an intolerable crime)
6) She speaks in complete sentences
7) She refuses to provide simple “solutions” to complex problems
8) She’s uppity - refusing to back down when one of her betters (any man) disagrees with her
9) She’s well-off (and being an uppity, shrill woman, those riches could only have been amassed illegally)
10) She once said she didn’t have time to bake cookies (Real Women love to bake cookies. Saying she has better things to do with her time is a slap in the face to every woman in America.)

As one can see, the list is long and all a voter needs to do is to adhere to one of them to disqualify her for any position, much less president.
How eager they are to be slaves - Tiberius Caesar

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