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One of the major sins of a political party is when they stop talking to anybody that is a member of that party to the exclusion to all else. Right now that's the way both parties are acting. I don't think that anybody can actually say the members of the current Republican party give a damn about somebody who is not a Trumpist/Republican. I fear that the Democrats also seem to listen to each other rather than outsiders.

This is unfortunate and another indication of the "Not Give an Inch" and "My Way or the Highway" politics of each side. If the Dems do win, however, they are going to be, I think, deluged by many not exactly on the Dem radar right now. My fond hope is that this will break it all up and get us back to two sides talking it over.

We will, of course, in the fullness of time............

Why on Earth would you talk to republicans after the last several years?
What can we do to help you stop screaming?