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One should also note that Bush was so popular prior to the primaries that all the big name democrats decided not to run in 1992 letting a little known Arkansas Governor win their nomination. Until April/May 1992 most Democrats thought they were in for a whipping. It was independents that gave Bill his win, 43% of independents voted for Bill, 30% for Perot and 28% for Bush. Bush's lackadaisical and I don't care campaign doomed him.
Bush, Senior, really was a "man out of his time". I liked him (the last Republican presidential candidate I voted for), even though he allowed his domestic policy to be dictated by party leadership - a huge failure on his part. His greatest failure, in my book, though, was getting advice from Bill Barr to pardon the Iran-contra miscreants. He would have been drawn into the scandal, of course, but I think he would have weathered it, as he was, at bottom, an honorable man. It was the acceptance of "voodoo"/Republican economics, despite his better senses, that doomed him.
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