There were a lot of factors involved in Hillary's loss that should have been a blowout.

But Comey's announcement was a biggie. The emails were baked in as you say, Pero, but some who had grudgingly decided to ignore them changed their minds when the FBI publicly announced that new information had come to light and that it was re-opening investigations. Such an announcement generally precedes the arrest and convictions of the parties involved.

And many who might have voted for her did not. Because back then being investigated by the FBI was a serious thing. If the Feds were called in then you knew some serious sh*t was about to come down.

The FBI didn't publicize or talk about investigations back then unless it was a sure thing. Comey's announcement was as devastating as a judge's decision in court. She was guilty.

And Donald Trump promised to get rid of that kind of corruption. To drain the swamp of the elites and the corrupt financiers and their lobbyists. To make America great again.

And here we are.
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