The operation was a complete success. It achieved all of its goals:

1) Got some great footage of macho storm troopers - get up like they’re in some dystopian superhero film - kicking butt on those people. (Thugs! Rioters! Anarchists! They’re animals! Not really people at all ... Think what it would cost Hollywood to get footage like that. Man, I tell, ya!)

2) Kept the president’s antics in the news, delegating the virus and the economy below the fold, as it were.

3) Reinforced the bond between the president and “his people”.

4) Created more chaos and more uncertainty about what the president might do next.

5) Got in some great practice!

6) Gave the president an enormous amount of personal gratification: being able to say “Go kick some butt” and see it happen on TV? Fantastic!

7) And no one will stop him.

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