If all renters get evicted, and all those with mortgaged houses lose them, there are are going to be, for sure, blood on the streets. The other problem is that there are those, who are not exactly desirable, that will see this as a genuine opportunity to gather money and power. That's the one, I think, that REALLY scares the crap out of me.

It will, of course, also be a time of property opportunities, just as happened in 2008 - but much worse. Think on it. We can all tell stories about the existing homeless, now add, literally, millions. Around where I live most murders happen in the woods. We have lots of people living in the woods, isolated and happy - until invaded and murdered. There are a LOT of great big houses, in the hills, easily seen from below and they are also isolated. Not a real good place to be I fear, not with millions of the pissed off at them with the big bucks.

At the very least I would suggest that the National parks open their campgrounds to the homeless so, at least, they can find some place to plant their tents. If they were to do that it would reduce the pressure from the homeless. If they did that they would also have to provide some kind of security, especially from the homeless that are also predators (there seems to be a lot of those).

Right now the national parks are reserved for those with the money to get in and, then have the money to pay to camp in the campgrounds as well. Basically, right now, the national parks are NOT for them without (which I think is wrong). If you don't have a pass it will cost you 50 bucks to get in and if you want to camp that will be another 25 bucks. Not much, unless you don't have much.

On second that my idea about homeless camping in the park is a really bad idea. I am basing this having seen some of their existing encampments. From the looks of it one has the impression that they are determined to create and live in squalor making absolutely no effort to change it even when provided with a way to deal with their garbage.