You are right, to a point. Remember, these people you are talking about are going to be REALLY pissed off and not exactly taking a long view or thinking things through.

When you have a situation when people are not exactly thinking things through they are also wide open to the bullsh*t blathered by them that take advantage.

The single wide trailer parks are also interesting. Most of those have been bought up by developers.

The real problem is that its not only the poor people getting screwed over. The rich people have lost all of their customers and are also not exactly delighted.

I continue to believe that they are both in the same bucket of crap and if they are to survive they should get together and make some kind of a deal. I suggested that, I just don't see it happening. We don't have a rudder. We can't depend on the administration, the congress is pretty much worthless and there are a lot of questions about our judicial system.

Unless somebody figures it out we are in for a REALLY bad time! (and it scares the hell out of me)