Its always interested me about how not great Obama was/is. It might even be true. On the other hand nobody ever seems to remember that the other side claimed, right out loud, as soon as he was elected, that they would not allow him to get a single piece of legislation done under his name. As soon as 2018 rolled around they won the senate and so Obama had to legislate by decree. The first two years was spent on the economy and health care which his own party fought him on - tooth and nail.

I wonder, right now, just how the Dems will behave once they take office. Their record is not exactly great and they REALLY like to quibble and fight and behave poorly given half a chance.

Oh, the Dems lost to Trump, in 2016 for a lot of reasons. That being said the simple fact that the Dems considered Trump to be a joke was, I think, one of the main reasons. We all gotta remember that the Democrats are quite capable, and has a huge capacity, of screwing it up!

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