I gotta say a bit more about Obama. First, I don't think he is going down as a great president either. On the other hand he had problems. The Republicans fought everything he did tooth and nail and they had the upper hand for 6 of the 8 years. Then there was Obamacare. He, for instance, wanted a public option but his own party, the Democrats would not allow it! the Democrats! You might also find it interesting that the Republicans actually wrote half of Obamacare and, when it came up for a vote, not a single Republican voted for it! Some of you thought he just didn't do enough. Well, first, the Republicans made sure that the Democrats couldn't legislate anything. Obama, again, was forced to govern by fiat, just like Trump. The difference was that the Republicans whined about that for 6 freaking years! Daily, without letup. Now, lets, see, Trump has been doing that for close to 4 years. How many Democrats have even bothered to mention that! The Republican senate has ignored over 500 bills from the House. Nobody is even allowed to read them! Basically, the Republicans have shut down the congress, as far as legislation is concerned, for the entire time the Trump administration has been up. Moscow Mitch, for instance, actually brags about it! In this instance, the Democrats occasionally mention this but, really not much. The only one to actually notice seems to be Pelosi as the other Democrats seem to have other agendas and I have no idea what that is.

So, Obama was not a great president. But, I think, it wasn't all his fault. HIS party loved a good fight, with each other when they had control. The Republicans toasted Obama every time they had an opening. When the Republicans took over in the senate the Dems made a little noise then moved on to taking a beating with little noise. Its fine to blame Obama. I, for instance, felt that Obama wasted a lot of time trying to get along with the Republicans! (he failed - surprise! But, at least, he did try) I also found it interesting that the Republicans, during this time, also took over a LOT of State legislatures. It seems to me that The Democrats just went to sleep on the job. Its kinda like Female causes. They get active about every 30 years and the rest of the time - nothing. The Republicans, on the other hand never shut up, march in step, and fight the same fights. They rarely fight within the party (except during the Trump reign) whilst the Dems are constantly taking shots at each other, have a purist wing that makes sure functional legislators are purged (often because of transgressions that happened in high school, etc), and otherwise have a great time.

So, have a great time ranking on Obama, and anybody else you want. Such behavior is just the way it is (and its a damned shame!)

I will vote against Trump in November as I really want him gone. If the Dems win then that's great! All that being said, I, unlike those with the firm belief that the Dems are going to win, am just holding my breath until that actually comes to pass.

One can only wonder........