Obama was the best president of my lifetime (Ike forward to today). In demeanor, oratory, policy, and morality he far exceeded all his predecessors (Do we need to even mention the fact that his successor is the person with the worst demeanor, the worst speechifying of the modern age, a completely amoral man following horrible, vindictive and cruel policy (if it what he does can actually be called "policy").)

Obama got an amazing number of things completed in the four months he had a majority. Even with the majority, he actively sought Republican input for both the recovery and the ACA. In fact, much of both bills were Republican amendments.

Even without congressional majorities, he marshalled on, seeking to meet the threats of climate change, Chinese aggression, Russian aggression, and terrorism. On all fronts, no matter how much his initiatives conformed to policy previously held by Republicans, he was universally opposed by the once conservative party.

If this country continues down the road it is barreling down at full speed, history will look at Obama as not only the last great American president but the last democratically elected American president; the last president before the United States devolved into a failed state led by authoritarian nihilists willing to say or do anything to increase their own power and wealth and suppress those who oppose them.

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