Medicare expansion is available only with means testing. You need to be at or below poverty level. Currently around 20k. Above that and you are exposed to high deductibles and co-pays making it horrendously expensive for average wages.

I'm pretty sure you meant Medicaid, not Medicare.

In states with reasonable Governors (all Democrats and some Republicans), the top income level for Medicaid meets the bottom income for ACA. Medicaid is all free. Bottom income ACA is 100% subsidized, with a lot of preventive care included and programs for copay assistance. The subsidies are very generous have a sliding scale, so are you complaining that well-paid people are not getting free ACA? That doesn't sound very progressive to me!

The coverage gap in some states is obviously the fault of those Republican ideolog Governors who rejected Medicaid expansion. It's quite a stretch to blame that on Liberals.