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Jungle Primaries and Rank Choice Voting
by pondering_it_all - 04/11/21 11:53 PM
Vaccines, over 65, youth
by pondering_it_all - 04/11/21 11:47 PM
Biden Plans
by jgw - 04/11/21 06:24 PM
Roundtable for Spring 2021
by Greger - 04/11/21 02:52 AM
Give away stuff
by jgw - 04/10/21 05:33 PM
3 word story game
by TatumAH - 04/10/21 02:08 AM
the word association game
by TatumAH - 04/10/21 01:28 AM
opening schools
by jgw - 04/09/21 05:48 PM
Border Problems
by jgw - 04/09/21 05:42 PM
OK - I'm phinished with phosphorus wisecracks....
by TatumAH - 04/06/21 09:16 PM
by jgw - 04/05/21 05:31 PM
With a heavy heart
by Doug Thompson - 04/04/21 06:45 PM
RR is not shutting down!
by Doug Thompson - 04/03/21 04:37 PM
Fond memories of RR before it is shut?
by Ujest Shurly - 04/03/21 10:19 AM
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Re: Jungle Primaries and Rank Choice Voting perotista 3 minutes ago
You're correct, we just register to vote here in Georgia. No party registration. One has their choice which primary to vote in. If there's a runoff though, one can vote in the primary for one party, then switch and vote in the other party's runoff.

now that makes sense, Green defeated her Democratic opponent something like 230,000 to 70,000. So there's no defeating her in the general election. Her district is about as safe Republican as a district can get.
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Health, Medicine & the healing Sciences Jump to new posts
Re: Vaccines, over 65, youth pondering_it_all Yesterday at 11:47 PM
As long as nobody in the contagious period ever shows up at the pool, then everybody is safe. I suppose they could be using ozone for sanitization, and that is better at sterilizing the water. But all the water in the pool acts like really good ventilation by diluting any virus that gets in the water. I suspect somebody infectious could swim and then the water would be perfectly safe. If they have good ventilation above the pool, that makes it about 20 times safer than a small room with poor ventilation.

Fresh air is why outdoor dining is WAY safer than indoors.
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CHB Columnists Jump to new posts
Re: Without the presidency and Twitter, Trump lies via press release but nobody care pondering_it_all Yesterday at 11:36 PM
I bet he had a diet coke button installed.
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Re: Biden Plans jgw Yesterday at 06:24 PM
Before Trump I understood the Republicans and their conservatism. Now, however, that don't work. Right now, for instance, Trump and Mitch are in a Republican pissing contest and those aren't the only two at each other either. Conservatives have always been anti government folks as well as anti-regulation folk. That's just the way they are. They continue to try and hold on to that stuff but its slipping away fast. Trump, for instance, loves to spend money whilst feathering his own. He can't do that anymore with tax dollars so he has already made one run at his supporters (he got caught and had to give back something like 128 million dollars which one would think would weaken his support but, even that, wasn't enough to shake their worship of God's rep on earth Donald Trump (not only has Trump managed to screw up politics but also Religion, to a certain extent. I believe he has also set a brand new standard, don't have any idea where that's going but its not real inspiring.

I am one that believes that the longer Trump is not president the more his importance will decline. I hope I am right but there are a lot of people who will think that's just plain wrong. If he could lose some of the Trump investigations and, maybe, get convicted of serious law breaking maybe that might have some kind of effect but I kinda doubt it. If the fact that he was willing to con his own base to give him money to blow then I am not sure what its really going to take. Remember, everything Trump messes with goes down. EVERYTHING! The man is a walking disaster! The problem with that is that his base doesn't believe that. It just goes on and on and on.

All that being said. The very rich folks need to be taxed. For some strange reason there are democratic groups that want Corporations taxed heavily and, so far, the very rich continue to skate. Its Strange (to me). I have owned several Corporations, none of them were big, most made money, and the taxes were less than they would have been if I had not been incorporated. That being said, I don't think those that want the corporations heavily taxed just don't get it. There are big corporations and there are small ones. If they show a profit then some of the rich get richer and they should get the hell taxed out of them. This is not a simple thing because we have a tax code of considerable complexity and that too, I think, needs some study. I, for instance, would like to see the entire system of taxation re-written with a much simpler outcome with no more givaways, social endeavors, and gifts for them that got. There is a reason, for instance, why oil companies, who make billions every year pay very little in taxes we are told. The problem is that we are told and WE don't do a damned thing to fix that.
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The RoundTable Jump to new posts
Re: Roundtable for Spring 2021 Greger Yesterday at 02:52 AM
Trumpism without the charisma. He's been a fairly competent governor but I don't think he's got the chops to perform on the national stage.

I guess we're gonna find out pretty soon.
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Science and scientific thought Jump to new posts
Re: Muons: 'Strong' evidence found for a new force of nature Greger Yesterday at 02:46 AM
And only time will tell what muons might give us.
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Computers & Technology Jump to new posts
Re: Give away stuff jgw 04/10/21 05:33 PM
There is a LOT of DVR stuff on linux. UBUNTU supplies a little program that will install, remove and list installed programs and programs available. There is also myth stuff and KODI and other players. There are also some pretty good editors for videos. Oh, you could also probably load ubuntu onto your microsoft machine. I thought about it and then decided to just go plain ubuntu but there is a lot of directions for having both on the same machine. The are a lot of people who run with both of them on their machines. There are also compilers, for code, that will produce software for microsoft as well as ubuntu (and more).
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General Stuff Jump to new posts
Re: 3 word story game TatumAH 04/10/21 02:08 AM
offtopic Blast from the past ! 3 word game, the early years! grin

Re: 3 word story game
Schlack #26369 08/19/07 02:49 PM
old hand
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Meantime, back at the undisclosed location, the world's most secretive, unpopular vice Eunuchtary Executive dangled his storied namesake, cursing nitroglycerin's contraindications and started the penile prosthesis pumping amidst gasps and
snickers, Rove's spin came all unspun in a most unpredictable way. The Rovian hairpiece flew onto the plate

of Michelle Merkin's

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit
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Re: the word association game TatumAH 04/10/21 01:28 AM
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Re: Yawning helps lions synchronize their groups’ movements Greger 04/09/21 08:32 PM
Perhaps we too are synchronizing our movement, or signaling some other social"I'm sleepy, lets take a nap"

Yet we have lost(or misplaced) most of our inherited memories.
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Education Jump to new posts
Re: opening schools jgw 04/09/21 05:48 PM
I suspect the problem is not so much a lack of experience as a lack of understanding what they are dealing with. Most of those involved with schools are involved in SCHOOLS. They don't understand what they have now is a completely different problem, which has little to do with education, and a lot about surviving what is, quite possibly, the worst medical problem we have ever had and WE have done a lot to make sure it just keeps on going. This isn't really so much about education as a population at war with itself which is more important than just education.

Its almost as if a good share of our population has taken time out of reality to deal with their own bullsh*t and have failed miserably. I think we are living in very strange times and, if we survive, this time is going to get its very own reference name although I have no idea what its going to be it will exist.
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Re: Border Problems jgw 04/09/21 05:42 PM
I have no idea what is going to happen. It would seem, right now, that United States is the land of plenty and food enough for the entirety of north and south America. I don't believe that to be the case. The United States, right now, is experiencing problems with water enough to take care of all the crops and that seems to be getting worse and worse. So, we have millions aiming their sights at coming here for rescue and there is simply no way we will be able to handle millions. So, gov is going to have to make some choices. Hopefully they will study the problem and not make it a political thing.

I know, EVERYTHING is political! NO exceptions! Pure lunacy and we gotta get it stopped. If we don't then we are going to find ourselves in a mess we will not survive.
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CHB Columnists Jump to new posts
Re: Republicans: A terrorist mob. Time to declare them enemies of the state Greger 04/08/21 05:24 PM
Their demise is necessary to save America.

I've been preaching that for years. Whatever conservatism used to mean, it hasn't played a part in Republican policy for a long time.

It's a party that has gone off the deep end.
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The RoundTable Jump to new posts
Re: ReaderRant is backonline and will not shut down again Greger 04/08/21 03:54 PM
Greger, I'm sorry if I have failed to reply.

No worries, Doug, we don't have a lot moderator issues these days and there are none currently that need addressing.

You've done a beautiful job re-assembling the page and I'll certainly give you a shout if anything I can't handle comes up.
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The Environment Jump to new posts
Re: OK - I'm phinished with phosphorus wisecracks.... TatumAH 04/06/21 09:16 PM

Lots of smart scientists and investors are looking into biofertilization!

Heat Map: 5 Top Biofertilizer Solutions

Using our StartUs Insights Platform, covering 1.116.000+ startups & emerging companies, we looked at innovation in the field of biofertilizers. For this research, we identified 87 relevant solutions and picked 5 to showcase below. These companies were chosen based on a data-driven startup scouting approach, taking into account factors such as location, founding year, and technology among others. Depending on your specific criteria, the top picks might look entirely different.
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Member Submitted Links Jump to new posts
Conspiracies jgw 04/05/21 05:31 PM
I thought it might be interesting to have a list of current conspiracies for our entertainment. Here is one to get such a list started: and its a doozie. Its a shame the idiots who believe this stuff seem to be incapable of actually identifying personal lunacy!
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CHB Columnists Jump to new posts
Re: Nowadays, it’s hard to find an April Fool’s joke in a nation ruled by hoaxsters Greger 04/05/21 12:15 AM
Oh...I don't check that one very often...I'll have a look.
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The RoundTable Jump to new posts
Re: With a heavy heart Doug Thompson 04/04/21 06:45 PM
Thanks. We're still working out the kinks but should have them running later today.
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The RoundTable Jump to new posts
RR is not shutting down! Doug Thompson 04/03/21 04:37 PM
ReaderRant will not shut down at midnight Sunday. The forum remains open and will remain so for the time being.

Exchanges with members, former and current, and a long night with no sleep convinced me that I was not ready to close something that has been part of my and many of your lives for the past 26 years. I upgrade the software this morning (which is why it looks different while I sort things around and the site will move to the new server at midnight Saturday and should be up and running no later than Monday morning.

Please be patient while I work through the kinks to keep things in place and running.

Thank you for your support and membership in ReaderRant.

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Tell It To The Editors Jump to new posts
Re: Fond memories of RR before it is shut? Ujest Shurly 04/03/21 10:19 AM
cry cry cry

Good night RR. You have been my first site of the day, every day since October 2016 and a CHB lurker since 24 December 2000.

Thank you Mr. Thompson
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The Environment Jump to new posts
Re: Biomass energy: terrible or terrific? logtroll 04/02/21 01:39 PM
Originally Posted By: Greger
Seems like most of the biowaste/biomass created around here winds up in the landfill. Isn't that pretty effectively sequestered?

It's generally a pretty short-term thing, until it decomposes.
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Politics In General Jump to new posts
Re: The good old days jgw 04/01/21 05:42 PM
Its flat out strange. This morning I saw a video of two guys dropping 3 year old kids over the wall and then running away (the kids seemed to be ok). Sometimes the whole thing tends to get very, very, strange.

Saw it again. 1 - 3 year old and 1 - 5 year old.

On the other hand qanon has to get their victims someplace?
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History Roundtable Jump to new posts
Re: The Departed - 2020 jgw 04/01/21 05:39 PM
They seem to be working pretty hard to get rid of their own and you just might get your wishes!
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General Stuff Jump to new posts
Re: Problems jgw 04/01/21 05:37 PM
Yep, then there are those that are refusing any vaccine. By the time they are all done I wonder how many more of them are going to die. One would think they would figure it out but, I guess, they are determined to follow their herd and I wonder what it would take to change their minds if dying doesn't do the job.
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Issues of Aging Jump to new posts
Re: Memory Loss jgw 04/01/21 05:34 PM
Did the tinnitus just go away or did you cause it to go away? If you did something what did you do?
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