Manchin is my type of democrat as I'm also more or less a traditionalist. Biden was also once a traditionalist and was elected as a traditionalist Democratic Moderate.

Now on to D.C. The Constitution does mandate a federal district, but only limits its size at 10 square miles. Nothing in the constitution prevents it from being made smaller. In fact the southern portion of D.C. the portion south of the Potomac was returned to the state of Virginia. There’s nothing that would prevent the northern portion, the portion north of the Potomac back to Maryland as there is precedence for this type of move. Although a small portion of D.C. would have to remain a federal district. That could be only a few block area including the White House, the Capital, the SCOTUS building and a few others. No residences, but more or less a small business district.

Returning most of the northern, north of the Potomac portion back to Maryland would give Maryland an extra representative and enable the who reside, live in D.C. would be able to vote for Maryland’s two senators, a voting representative in the house along with giving them state legislatures and senators. This solution has the advantage that has been done before, precedence. Making a city a state hasn’t any precedence. A city, district mandated by the Constitution. Now there is the 23rd Amendment that would probably have to be addressed. D.C. isn’t a territory, it a Constitutional mandated district.

As for polls 55% against D.C. statehood, 29% in favor and 16% don’t give a cat’s meow.

Personally, I’m against D.C. statehood, but am in favor of returning the northern portion back to Maryland except for a small few block area which would remain the federal district. This solution would take politics out of it and give those living, residing in D.C. a vote in all functions of government both state and federally. It also has the advantage of precedence since returning a portion back to the state from whence it came was done before. Although there is the 23rd Amendment that would either have to be addressed or ignored.