I went down to San Diego for a few days to visit my sisters. During that time we saw no news. When I got back yesterday we watched the news. We were gone for about 10 days. During that time politics, I think, didn't move a single inch. All the news seemed to be about vaccinations and who either had them or not. The news also showed Biden bravely coaxing the states to pay every non vaccinated 100.00 to get vaccinated (amongst other bribes)

Sorry, I really don't get it. There are any number of vaccinations that children must get to goto school and nobody gets bribed. Everybody got vaccinated for poliio, most get flue shots, etc. In the first you didn't have a choice and in the second you did. It is, I suspect, a review of how we have either progress, or, maybe not. I have had my vaccinations. Nobody bribed me, I simply preferred not to die. Seems to make sense to me. Those refusing to be vaccinated are, as far as I can tell, either Trumpies or dumb as doors. They are all, however, claiming their rights (apparently to make sure that everybody get covid and quite possibly die as soon as possible). I was thinking, perhaps this is natures way to cull the herd, a kindofa giant cleansing of the gene pool. (there is a site for that at darwinawards.com). Since they are determined to kill themselves, and their children family, and anybody else that's handy I would suggest that gov stop paying their hospital bills amongst other non-progressive personal
thoughts. Science is starting to tell us that herd immunity, due to the anti-vaccers, is no longer actually probable. That being the case why in the HELL are we paying for THEIR mistakes?

(I actually saw a nurse, on TV, who was not vaccinated lose her non vaccinated child to covid and her husband who was a serious anti-vaccer dying in hospital of covid who she blamed for none of them getting vaccinated),

My logic, on the stopping the paying of their covid care, is that its REALLY time to stop holding the hands of the mentally infirm who refuse to take care of themselves or give a damn about others. Most of them seem to also be on the political right and would scream in horror at the very thought of socializing and actually fixing your healthcare as that would mean COMMUNISM! So, gov pays their health bills which is flat out socialism. I tend to the thought that some deserve what they desire and saving them from government paid healthcare might actually be exactly what they deserve!

Oh, one last. I watched a doctor point out that anti-vaxxers that are hospitalized have absolutely no qualms about taking any kind of treatment or medicine they are offered in hospital even though such have really not been particularly cleared to any real degree just so they get saved! (I am really sick and tired of the non-vaccinated)

I won't even get into the Biden plan to pay idiots 100.00 to take care of themselves. That one REALLY makes no sense to me!

Just a mean spirited thought..............