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Read again today about colleges and universities being concerned about students (and faculty?) showing up with fake vaccine cards. They should not worry: Besides being a possible crime of fraud, about the only increased risk is to the fakers themselves. Vaccinated people might catch a covid-cold from the unvaxxed, but they could also catch one from vaccinated people. It's the unvaxxed who have much more to lose. At an in-person school and dorm, they are a lot more likely to catch it, and it could be much more serious. If they do go home sick, they might kill their parents or grandparents.

It’s a crime that comes with a hefty fine.
The FBI said a fake vaccine card is considered a misuse of a government seal.
That comes with a $5,000 fine or five years in prison.
By the way, Canada is slapping vaxx card fakers with SIXTEEN thousand dollar fines.

Your future employability is also a factor.
I think we should be more like Canada.