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Welp Como is out. I think this is a good thing given that statement he made about "Me Too" in 2017 and in the months and years later. For him to say that he is of a certain age and guys this age hug and kiss is absurd. rolleyes Given todays presser by Como, the right thing was done.


NO touching...keep your sexual urges OUTSIDE the workplace, be a gentleman, don't view the females at work as prospects.
Not only are they not prospects, but in this day and age, 99.9999% of them are there to make their bones the same way anyone else is, so fooling around tells them that you aren't taking them seriously.

Some of us old guys got the message a long time ago.
Some of us schmucks, like me, had to learn the HARD WAY.
I got involved with a girl at work at one of my very first really good jobs.
I was a gentleman, no harassing, we just wound up getting together, BUT....when feelings got tangled, turned out she had more "pull" than my dumb newbie ass and out the door I went when she got pissed off.
I never forgot that lesson and I never ever got involved with any woman at work ever again.

And then some of us old guys, like Andrew Cuomo, apparently still thought he was living in the Mad Men era, and didn't get the message.
I heard him try to palm it off on "being Italian".
Hey guess what, I'm Italian and I get it, but in the intervening years women decided that all the Italian-ness in the world still has no place in the office. He didn't get the message.
The message is, "Just don't do it, okay? Don't go dipping your pen in the company inkwell."

He did a pretty good job as Governor but sadly, due to his own stupidity and arrogance, this is going to wind up as his legacy.