>make a perfect man

Just wait a few years. VR combined with these sort of algorithms will lead directly to being able to construct a perfect moving and speaking image of anybody you want, in real-time. Combine that with a brain-scan technology that lets the computer tell if you like what you are seeing, and you get perfect porn that changes constantly, and evolves along with your tastes. This WILL happen. We already have VR and POV porn, ""nudify", and Deep Fake for images and videos. It's just a matter of processing power before it can happen on every computer in real-time. Maybe that will be the solution for the overpopulation problem, as more and more people give up real sex for VR sex.

I read about this in a sci-fi novel several years ago. A young man was addicted to such a VR porn channel that changed all the time. Then he got stuck hiking across country with no tech connection for several months. When he got back to civilization he was dismayed to find his favorite channel had evolved into something that disgusted him!