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We have ignored our government. We pay more attention to grown men and women having hissing contests! WE are supposed to be in charge! We do that, evidently, by ignoring that very fact. We have allowed people to do a great job of separating the nation into virtual warring parties - one side with no leadership and the other autocratic. I keep on thinking somebody will put a stop to it but its great for the contestants! They no longer have time to do their job - they have IMPORTANT things to do!. The fact is that the majority deals with their goverment with "Screw the government, I don' like it anyway" attitude and it just gets worse. TV doesn't mention it, schools don't teach it, and majority don' give a damn anyway.

Maybe the problem is that we are too well off.

What’s going on? Ironically, this growing illiberalism is not the product of bad times, but of a long trend of rising narcissism and a sense of entitlement that was enabled by peace, prosperity, and rapidly improving living standards. The United States and other democracies have real problems, but the rise of a sour and selfish abandonment of democracy is not happening because of social injustice or “economic anxiety.”

Worse, our democracy now practically must run on autopilot independently of a public that is happily and willfully ignorant of the issues and wants nothing to do with the dreary business of governing. And with increasing frequency, our form of government is under attack by bored working and middle-class citizens – led by clever political and television figures – who have no use for democracy other than as slogans and window-dressing around their need to be the constant center of their own reality show.