Thanks for the welcome. It's good to 'see' you guys!

Btw, I saw BC show up too. I had to look 5 here I think it was.
Bob! Snappy picture!

Speaking of in person meetings of other ranters, Bama and Donna came to Atlanta to see Bama's son, on their way to Florida. 10 years ago maybe. We shared a meal there. Very cool.
Remember Stereoman (Steve Livingston, Asheville, NC)? We've met up with him several times. Asheville isn't that far from Athens. He's as whacky as he was here. Enjoyed him for sure.

In 2016 we took a train trip across country, main destination Montana (where our youngest daughter went to grad school). Along the way we stopped in to check on Miss Mellowicious in Omaha for a couple of days (we have met a number of times and are good friends) ( love Omaha and she knew the best places take us for food and more). And then we had a really fun visit with Ken Condon, Eugene, Or

I miss Nick too. Does anybody know what happened to him?

I'm pretty overwhelmed by the all-ness of 'everything' that's going on but I'll stick around and holler when think I have something productive to say.